“Is The Age Of Individualism Coming To An End?” (Philosophy Now)

"To preserve sanity it seems to be necessary to keep a tension between the need for individual freedom and the demands of others...Nietzsche understood the necessity of maintaining dualities of every kind, but especially between Apollo, the symbol of social order and limit, and Dionysus, the symbol of freedom and intoxication. Keeping contradictory forces in … Continue reading “Is The Age Of Individualism Coming To An End?” (Philosophy Now)


Science and industry can make dangerous use of fake news and alternative facts, philosopher warns (The Independent)

"People can avoid being misled by individual scientists who might hold eccentric views" // Johnston, I. (2017). The Independent. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/fake-news-alternative-facts-scientists-corporations-politicians-donald-trump-aaas-a7588866.html